Mediterranean Kitchen Design and Pictures

by Jennifer

This kitchen design, have its own taste. Because of a Mediterranean kitchen, have a great furniture design. The cabinets have a great color. The Decorations also give something different compared with other kitchen design. Mediterranean kitchen is beautifully idea for your house. Kitchen islands and large galley cabinets are nesting places for Mediterranean style wall art, blue ceramic accents, and copper decorating accessories.

The Mediterranean style is reflected in households of places like Egypt, Libya, Algeria, southern France, Spain, Turkey, etc. Here, the winters are warm and these places are surrounded by the sea. The kitchen window usually opens up to a water-body in order to combat the harshness of the sun. In these places, the ceilings are quite high to allow enough air to come in. the floors are usually wooden or are covered with natural stone slabs or unpolished marbles and the walls are bright, decorated with ceramic

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