Do people actually use frameless shower doors?

by Jennifer

Frameless shower doors are the most recent trends in frameless shower design and overall bathroom appearance. You get all the elaborate and pristine appearance of the shower door not nary a metal edge in sight. The frameless shower doors blend almost seamlessly with the entire frameless shower design.

Having a bath has a way of relieving a person of stress. This is why people tend to spend a lot of time in the bathroom after particularly stressful activities. Walking into a bathroom which is well planned and designed seems to bring a serene feeling. Mirrors and the wall tiles are what you see when you walk into a bathroom with a frameless shower screen and doors.

Although this article is geared toward the frameless doors themselves, we will briefly look at the available shapes of the frameless shower screens.

Designs of the Frameless Shower Screens and Corresponding Doors in the Market

There are various designs. Almost too numerous to actually keep track of perfectly. On that note, we will only give a general classification based on shape designs of the frameless shower screens. All the listed shapes obviously have their accompanying doors. So they will be listed together, instead of dedicating another section to listing the obvious.  

1. The L shaped frameless shower screen and doors.

2. The rectangle shaped frameless shower screens and their doors.

3. The curved frameless shower screens and their doors.

4. The wall to wall extended frameless shower screens and doors

5. Finally, we have the customised frameless shower screens and their doors.

Forms of Frameless Shower Doors

Although it is obvious that the various shapes of the frameless shower screens have their appropriate doors, the doors do not have to be the same. What do we mean? Well, there could be a difference in the way the doors open and close. There are three major door patterns used in the construction of the frameless shower doors today. They are:

1) The foldable doors

2) The pivot doors and

3) The sliding doors

So we could have the curved frameless shower screens with sliding doors or the wall to wall extended frameless shower screens with folding doors. The combination is simply limitless. So you see why we said although the door types are limited, the resulting designs could be virtually limitless.

Some doors would be more appropriate for your use than others. For instance, if you want the frameless shower to occupy as little space as possible, then the sliding doors should be your go-to option.


Hence, regardless of what kind of frameless shower door you want, let us know. If you are indecisive as a result of so many excellent options, still let us know. With our help, you can pick the perfect frameless shower door for your bathroom.

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