Things to keep note of before buying cutlery

by Jennifer

Cutlery manufacturers have increasingly come up with several cutlery patterns and designs. Choosing from a wide variety of choices can be challenging. Therefore, you need a breakdown of critical factors to focus on when selecting the best cutlery in the market. The best cutlery has the best design, construction technique, and materials.

Selecting the best cutlery for your house or business takes time and therefore involves several factors. From the style, finish, to budget. We have compiled a buying guide based on personal and expert opinions. Moreover, cutleries come with varying features and prices. Whether you are looking for a budget or high-quality cutlery, this buying guide is ideal for you.

How do you pick good quality cutlery?

When picking good quality cutlery, paying attention to various elements that differentiate one cutlery from another is essential. The features are responsible for the different looks and durability of the cutlery. Some of these qualities include:

  • Material

The most common materials used for making cutlery include sterling silver, stainless steel and silver plate. Each of these materials varies in price, with stainless steel being less costly than sterling silver. When selecting silver plated cutlery, it would be good practice to check the number of microns because each micron means a whole year of everyday use. Good quality cutlery sets have up to twenty-five microns of silver. In contrast, lousy quality cutlery might have as little as less than one micron.

  • Polish

The polish is also essential in the overall quality of the cutlery. The method of polish distinguishes various cutlery. Polished machine cutlery has the lowest grade, hand machine polished cutlery is medium quality, and hand-polished cutlery is considered the best quality.

  • Quality

Good quality forks have a smooth edge, and spoons have a smooth reflection shining in the spoon bowl. Shining looks on the spoon are a sign of well-polished cutlery. The weight of the cutlery is also a good sign to show whether it would last longer. Suppose you are buying a whole set of cutleries. It would be great if you made sure that the set includes all the pieces that you need.

Picking proper quality cutlery can be one thing but ensuring the cutlery remains in good shape is different. Therefore, good cutlery care and maintenance are essential to prolonging the life of the cutlery. Good care and maintenance practices would be a big plus in ensuring you have your cutlery for long and in good shape.

That means washing the cutlery regularly by hand, drying them with a cloth, hanging them either in a magnetic strip or block, to mention a few. You should ensure these practices are put into practice to prevent premature loss of cutleries.

Should cutlery be heavy or light?

The choice of whether to have heavy or light cutlery is personal. Depending on your preference, you may choose to have either heavy, lightweight cutlery or moderate weight. Moreover, some cutleries are made with a heavy front or back. Such cutleries are challenging to balance during usage. Most importantly, if cutlery is too light, they are most likely considered cheap, low quality, and bend easily.

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