DIY: convert your table to a vanity

by Jennifer

You must have had no need for some of your old tables at some point in time, and you probably disposed of such items. Such tables do not have to be disposed of as they could serve other important uses within your home. One of the essential applications of such furniture is repurposing them as a vanity in the bathroom.

As weird as this might sound, your tabletop could take one or two vanity basins with ease. It’s totally up to you to fit the vanity with all the other vital parts of a vanity. This article guides you through the process of converting your old piece of cabinet or table to vanity.

Check the dimensions

You must ascertain the dimensions of the piece you’re about to convert before starting major work on it. If the table of the cabinet is a bit low, it might be challenging to reach. If the tabletop is high, it means reaching the vanity basin could prove difficult. On the other hand, the width of the furniture piece determines the number of basins it can comfortably accommodate. Take the measurements of the dimensions to determine if the height and width are suitable for your reach.

Cut and seal the top.

The next step to take has to do with fitting the basin into the furniture top. Cut an appropriate section through the top using a jigsaw; the measurements of the basin determines the dimension of the section. Once the section is cut open, you’ll do well to fit the basin into the section and then seal it. Close attention should be paid to the sealant used as you can’t afford to have any gaps between the basin and the furniture top. Some sealants take days to dry, and you’d do well to wait while it dries out.

Plumbing work

It’s no gainsaying that the vanity is incomplete without the necessary plumbing work done on it. Clear out any items within the piece that could impede the setting of pipes and other plumbing elements. Also, you must cut out a section via the back of the furniture piece where the pipes will be directed through. A certain depth is required for the pipes laid to function effectively, ensure the furniture you’re converting allows such depth.

Install the faucet

The next step to take is the installation and fitting of the faucet on the vanity. Getting the appropriate position for the faucet is vital as drilling too many holes on the tabletop could reduce its sturdiness. In some cases, some vanities accommodate two faucets, and you’d do well to drill for both faucets accordingly.

Polish the hardware

The furniture might not have a befitting look for your bathroom style, and the new form is totally up to you. Remove the unnecessary parts of the hardware and fix new ones for a more personalized design.

Final thoughts

It’s essential to note that not all old furniture should be disposed of; some old furniture like cabinets and tabletops can easily be converted to a bathroom vanity unit. This article helps with steps that’ll help you convert your old piece of furniture to a stylish bathroom vanity┬ástand.

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