What Is The Best Material To Use For A Bathroom Vanity?

by Jennifer
bathroom vanity

It looks like you thinking of renovating your bathroom layout or updating bathroom décor. From bathroom vanity to floor, you need to make a lot of decisions. Especially, deciding for the right bathroom vanity material is tougher among all.

You need to choose what is best for your bathroom vanity, as the decision is for the long-term. No one update or renovate their bathroom in every one or two years. Well, there are many materials you can use in bathroom vanity.

In this article, we’ll discuss the common bathroom vanity materials available in the market. We did a little research to provide you the best information about it. Keep reading!

Different Bathroom Vanity Materials- What Is The Best?

There are many types of material available to choose from. What is best is depends on your preference, budget, and of course, requirements. Let’s take a look at a few of the available options.

Solid Wood

That being said, solid wood is the best and popular choice for bathroom vanity. Especially for bathroom vanity Bunnings. Solid wood comes to a range of options, including oak, poplar, birch, maple, and so on.

It comes in two variations; solid wood and solid hardwood, here solid hardwood are most durable. However, solid wood tends to expand with humidity changes, which can cause cracks in the painted finish. People choose it for its strength and durability.


Plywood is commonly used wood in household furniture and also in bathroom vanity. It is made from veneers of wood that are attached in layers. Finally, it forms layered sheets. Plywood is available in a variety of qualities and thicknesses. It is super strong and lasts for years if moisture is in control. Plywood often has a plastic coating, which makes it attractive and an excellent choice for bathroom vanity.


Particleboard is equipped by attaching wood particles. The attached wood particles are heated and then compressed into sheets. The main advantage of particleboard is the price.

But, they easily get damaged when it comes in contact with water or steam. This issue can be solved by covering it with melamine, wood veneer, or laminate.

Medium-Density Fiberboard or MDF

MDF is an economical choice that is made from several wood pieces and fibers. These two components are attached together with either resin adhesive or wax. MDF is much like particle board, but thicker than particleboard.

Along with less price, MDF has a smooth surface, and it doesn’t contain knots. There are 30% of solid wood, similar to the quality of oak vanities. MDF may not be the best option but an excellent material in the budget.


Finally, PVC is a particular type of plastic that is used in bathroom vanity in this era. PVC is hugely cost-effective but looks elegant in bathroom vanity. It has a smooth surface, and you can paint it according to the bathroom décor. There is no chance for water damage as it is 100% waterproof.


Thus far, you know the best type of materials for bathroom vanity. Whichever you pick, make sure there is a balance between quality and price. We found solid wood, PVC, MDF, and plywood as by far the best choice. If you are still confused, check out the best materials for bathroom vanity at myhomeware.com.au.

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